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Godfreys Tineco S12 Platinum Cordless Stick Vacuum review: An exceptional way to clean

Godfreys Tineco S12 Platinum Cordless Stick Vacuum review: An exceptional way to clean

Buying a stick vacuum cleaner can be one an overwhelming experience for many home owners, given the many options and price points available in the market.

But one option that is difficult to go past is the Tineco PURE ONE S12 Platinum Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner – a high performing, efficient device that is powered by the latest technology and has exception battery life.

Exclusive to Godfreys, the Tineco S12 is described as the “next generation in smart, cordless cleaning convenience”.

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It features an innovative iLoop™ Dust Sensor that automatically adjusts its suction power to suit your floor’s cleaning needs.

It provides 100 minutes of uninterrupted, high-power suction across two batteries, and comes with an impressive swag of accessories – including three vacuum heads.

Here’s what we found after a four-week test.

The Tineco S12 is available exclusively through Godfreys. Credit: Supplied

How do I get it and what will it cost?

The Tineco PURE ONE S12 Platinum Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is exclusive to Godfreys and can be purchased online or in stores.

Godfreys has more than 90 years experience in cleaning and vacuums, and has more than 100 stores across Australia.

The Tineco PURE ONE S12 costs $1,099 and comes with two batteries and 15 premium parts and accessories.

Who is it good for?

The Tineco S12 is suitable for all home owners, perfectly suited to all floor types and layouts. It performs exceptionally well on tiled, wooden and carpeted floors – and moves from surface to surface with no effort.

The iLoop Dust Sensor takes so much of the hard work out of vacuuming – adjusting power and suction levels to suit different surfaces and different levels of dirt and mess.

The S12 is particularly well suited to people with large homes or people who do a lot of cleaning. The device comes with two batteries – that charge at the same time – and provide 100 minutes of cleaning time. It takes only five seconds to easily change over batteries, with no screws or tools required. If you find that you struggle to vacuum your whole home with your current device without it running out of battery, consider the S12.

It’s also great for people who struggle with holding heavy devices or suffer from arthritis. The Tineco S12 is incredibly light for such a powerful unit and easily glides around – even on its most powerful level – with little effort. There is a toggle near the power button which you can activate, which means you don’t have to hold the power button down the whole time you’re using it.

The Tineco S12. Credit: Supplied

The design

There are many design features that set the Tineco S12 above from the crowd. They include:

iLoop™ Dust Sensor automatically adjusts the suction powerAll-in-one LED touch display for battery, filter, capacity and power statusDirect drive LED power brush with a high-torque motor provides a deeper cleanRuntime up to 100 minutes across two batteriesTen premium accessories for top-to-bottom cleaningThe Tineco S12 performs exceptionally well on all flooring surfaces. Credit: Supplied

The day-to-day

When you remove the Tineco S12 from its box, it can seem a little daunting as there are 15 different parts and accessories.

But once laid out, it’s very easy to see what goes where – and you’ll be very impressed with the many bonus accessories you receive.

The unit comes with three different vacuum heads to suit specific requirements. They include:

Direct-drive LED multitasker power brush – The perfect all-round vacuum head, suitable for all floors – very effective for cleaning fine dust and debris on the carpet and hard floor. Direct-drive technology increases cleaning efficiency and ensures a highly dynamic clean, while the LED headlights help you clean the hard-to-see spotsLED soft-roller power brush – Perfect for hard floors, especially sensitive wood floor.Picks up coarse and fine dirt at the same time.Mini power brush – For vacuuming upholstered furniture, mattresses etc.Vacuums pet hair and removes ingrained dirt.

The other components you will receive in the box are:

Main vacuum bodyVacuum tubeSpare lithium batteryWall-mounted dock to fix the vacuum to your wallPower adaptorFlexible extension hose – Excellent extension and flexibility to access hard-to-reach spaces; perfect for in-care use. Compatible with all non-motorised Tineco accessories.Automatic pre-filter cleaning tool and spare pre-filter – A dirty filter is a leading cause of suction loss, and this tool is designed to make your filter last much longer. Simply place the dirty filter inside the automatic pre-filter cleaning tool and close the lid. Connect the tool to the main body and pull the trigger. The appliance will automatically shut off once the task is complete.Hair cleaning tool – Use the end with the small blade to remove hair and debris wrapped around the roller of the vacuum head. Use the end with the brush to clean the brush window, and the dustbin, as required.Multi-angle folding tube – An articulated joint makes it adjustable to allow for flexibility when cleaning from high to low.Flexible long crevice tool – Easy to bend, easy to reach tight spots. Suitable for cleaning dust behind and beneath furniture, around refrigerators, and many other tight gaps.2-in-1 dusting brush – Switches between a wide and a soft brush by pressing the release button. The soft brush is most effective on hard-surface furniture while the wide brush is effective for upholstered furniture, curtains, etc.Crevice tool – For corners, nooks, and other hard-to-reach places such as around car seats, picture frames, and cupboards.Soft dusting brush – Angled bristles on a slender, oval-shaped rim provide anti-static, cushioned contact. Suitable for dusting shelves, lighting, delicate surfaces, electronics and more.The various accessories make the Tineco S12 a very versatile vacuum cleaner. Credit: Supplied

To assemble the vacuum, you simply place the vacuum tube into the main vacuum body and then attach your desired vacuum head or attachment to the other end of the tube. The Tineco has a simple release button mechanism to allow you to easily change accessories and parts with no effort or hard work.

The vacuum is cordless and when you’re ready to vacuum, it’s simply a case of holding down the power button on the handle to activate the suction.

You can also flick a toggle switch, that will keep the power on without you having to hold your finger down.

The iLoop Auto setting means that the Tineco will detect the dust and debris on the floor and adjust to power accordingly. However, you can also manually change it – to provide more or less suction – with just one movement of your finger on the vacuum unit’s main control.

The controls on the vacuum unit tell you what power setting you’re using, as well as how much battery you have left – in terms of percentage figures, taking any guess work out of the equation.

The LED light is incredibly effective, lighting up the area ahead of you as you’re vacuuming. Even if the floor may seem clean to the naked eye, the Tineco’s LED light shows up every bit of dust and debris, no matter how small.

When you’ve finished vacuuming, simply place it on the docking station to charge. If you need to keep vacuuming but have run out of battery, it’s a very simple process to change over the battery.

The mini power brush is great for cleaning couches and upholstery. Credit: Supplied

Standout feature

The standout feature is the iLoop Dust Sensory which automatically adjusts the suction power to the surface you’re cleaning.

It’s easy to be sceptical, thinking it won’t pick up what’s there – but the results really do speak for themselves.

Using the Tineco S12 is such a simple, easy process that requires no thinking and no effort. It glides around the floor with no grunt or hard work from you, delivering exceptional results.

What we liked about it

There’s an awful lot to really love about the Tineco S12 and it’s very difficult to fault.

It feels like the engineers who created the S12 looked at all the things that are right and wrong in other big name stick vacuums and used the knowledge to create an efficient, well thought out and dynamic unit.

The standout feature is the auto power function, which assures you a great clean with minimal effort. It’s also really easy to switch it over to high power mode if need be.

We vacuumed the entire house – which 250 square metres of flooring – after we’d already cleaned all the floors with a big brand stick vacuum. The amount of dust and debris I picked up was staggering (see photo below), even though the floors was clean to the eye.

The dust and debris that was collected during the first vacuum during the test period, after it had already been cleaned with a big-name device. Credit: 7NEWS

We tested it on a variety of different floor types – tiles, hardwood floors and carpet. The Tineco S12 worked exceptionally on all surfaces.

We especially found the vacuum really effective on the carpet we tested it on. The carpet in question is particularly dense and it can be difficult to vacuum, with some devices struggling to pick up debris that’s wedged in the fibres. The Tineco S12 was really impressive, leaving the carpet the cleanest it had been in a very long time.

The Tineco S12 at full power is the strongest we’ve felt in any stick vacuum.

But the other really great function is the second lithium battery. With other stick vacuums, it can feel like you’re in a race against time to clean the house without the battery running out. But having a second battery takes that stress out of the equation.

The battery takes seconds to change over, and is kept in the the docking station so it’s always charged and easy to access.

In saying that, we tested the Tineco S12 for four days straight, vacuuming every day – without charging – before we ran out of charge. The battery life is impressive, and the fact that the unit tells you how much battery you have left makes it really user friendly.

It’s worth noting that when the vacuum is on the power dock, it will always charge the battery that’s in the vacuum first – and then the back-up second battery. This means you can use the stick vacuum straight from the docking station, confident that it is fully charged without needing to change batteries.

The other big plus is how quiet and light it is. We’ve used several of big name vacuums and this is by far the lightest that we’ve used. It is really effortless to manoeuvre and move around, and you can use it for extended periods of time without it feeling heavy or bothersome.

Another shot to show the large number of dust collected after the first use. Credit: 7NEWS

It is really well-suited for people who struggle with holding heavy items or may have arthritis, delivering exceptional results with minimal discomfort for the user. The toggle latch, which holds down the power button, is also really user-friendly, meaning you can use the vacuum without having to hold down the power button for an extended period of time.

Another really impressive feature is how easy the dustbin is to empty. You don’t need to pull it out, you just flip over one latch and it opens up and the debris falls out – the dust doesn’t get stuck in any crevices. The filter is also really easy to access at this point and change over.

The home we tested it on has two dogs – one long-haired, one short-haired – and two females with long hair living in it. With other devices, pet and human hair would often clog up the vacuum head, meaning it had to be regularly cleaned. But the design of the Tineco’s Multitasker Power Brush vacuum head is really next level, and we found that next to no hair got caught up in the head’s bristles. It stayed really clear throughout the testing period.

The accessories also make the Tineco S12 a really attractive package. Given that it’s at a high price point, it’s really good value to receive to have many different attachments that make cleaning easier. We vacuumed upholstered chairs, mattresses, the car with the Tineco S12 and found the attachments made light work of these fiddly jobs.

The Tineco S12 comes with 15 parts and accessories. Credit: Supplied

What we didn’t like about it

The Tineco S12 is really difficult to fault.

The only negative we found was that we felt the dustbin could be bigger. We found that it filled up quite quickly – which is a testament to how great the vacuum is – and had to be emptied very regularly.

But even then, the dustbin is so easy to empty and clean out, it isn’t a huge effort or something that would hold us back from recommending it.

What we think

There’s very little not to absolutely love about the Tineco S12.

While it’s priced at the higher end of the scale for stick vacuums, it is such a well thought-out, high-performing and impressive unit you won’t be disappointed.

You are paying for quality, an abundance of accessories and next-level technology that more than delivers.

The fact that the unit is so lightweight makes it such a dream to move around and vacuum, especially for people who do a lot of cleaning and may struggle with heavy items.

In a market that’s crowded with many options, some of the biggest concerns for new buyers is battery life and performance. These are the two standout features with the Tineco S12. The fact that you get two batteries standard with unit, that can be easily charged and changed over makes it a game changer. And its ability to clean all surfaces to a really high standard is second to none.

If you love clean floors then the Tineco S12 would be a great investment for you. Easy, efficient and oh so effective.

Tineco provided this publisher with a loan device for testing purposes. This did not affect our views on the device, and our review remains independent of the manufacturer.